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Itinerary 목록

Itinerary 목록


Gangneung Coffee festival

In the past, there was only instant coffee in Korea.

one day, a man named "Park Yi Choo" supplied roasting coffee to Korea.


He opened his first cafe in Gangneung.

With that, skilled baristas gathered in Gangneung and opened a cafe.

That's how Gangneung Cafe Street was built.


Right in front of the cafe street is a white beach.Would you like to have a cup of coffee with the beautiful view of the sea?


Myeongju Puppet Festival



There is a Puppet Festival where children are happy.


Gather up Children and all adults with hearts like Peter Pan.


There are various genres of puppet shows, experience programs and exhibition programs for children to enjoy. 


Yeongwol Dong River Raft Water Festival



Have a special experience at Youngwol Dong River Raft Water Festival 



You can canoe or ride a water slide in Donggang River.



This is the unique experience of catching trout with your hands. 



And you can have the opportunity to scale the fish by yourselves.



You can see traditional Korean rafts as well as creative rafts made by parti...


Yanggu Beaggob Festival + DMZ P.O.P Concert



Do you want to have the coolest summer?Then let's go to the Yanggu Baeggob festival !


Yanggu Baeggob festival has water activities such as swimming pool  and ice foot bath.


The most exciting thing is, water gun battle! yay ~! 


Of course, you can watch K-pop stars perform.


Famous singers like OH MY GIRL, Kim Jong Kook, Koyote, Kim Gun mo are coming.

2019-07-24 ~ 2019-07-28

Hongcheon River Starlight Beer Festival


hongcheon river starlight music beer festival 

A thrilling summer festival will be held again this year.

cool ice beer and an exciting performance 

Make great travel memories at the Hongcheon Festival.

Of course, with the G-shuttle.




Gangneung International Film Festival 2019

Shape of Gangneung 

Do you want to make the best memories of your trip to Korea?

Don't worry. just follow our lead

Come come on now follow our lead ~ 

Here's a tour for...


DMZ P.O.P Concert in Goseong

This is the last DMZ POP concert You must go.or you will regret that decision throughout your life.

We will also go to an interesting festival on this tour.

You can taste delicious food and experience many things.

And you can eat special chicken dishes that you can only eat in Sokcho.

Maybe everyone will...


Happy Hanwoo Festival




2019 Jungsun Arirang Festival


Arariyo~ Arirang~~ 




'Arirang' is a favorite folk song of Koreans.




I'd like to invite you to a festival with the theme of 'Arirang'




Come here and watch a great performance of traditional Korean i...


2019 Gangneung Culture Night

Let's walk together on a beautiful night.

There's a festival at night. I'd like to invite you.


Feel like you're going back to the past on the streets of an old traditional mansion.

For you, we prepared many interesting things such as traditional Korean tea experience, traditional game, stamp rally, and night market.

And when you finish the cultural experience, you can get a certificate of cultural experience.



2019 DMZ Art Festa in Goseong


Do you want to have the most perfect weekend? Then come with us on the tour.

First, we will go to the top of the mountain. As high we can, to take the swing wi...


2019 DMZ Art Festa in Yanggu

Hanbando Island,Find 8 Hidden Gems

Follow fairylight ! 


performance like a jewel is waiting for you.


Take an adventure to find eight treasures on the Korean map-shaped island.



DMZ Art Festa - Hwacheon

If you are interested in Korea, you may have heard the words "Chuseok" and "Hangawi."


It is a Korean holiday like Thanksgiving. Every Chuseok, there is a big full moon, and Koreans thank the moon. 


All the families gathered together and played fun traditional games And shared delicious food.


So on Chuseok, every house is full of warmth and love. 


We prepared this tour because we wanted to shar...


Pyeongchang Hyoseok culture Festival

The snow-whith field of buckweat flower There is a beautiful white flower garden in Pyeongchang.


The flower garden is famous and it appearing in a novel by famous Korean novelist Lee Hyo-seok. 


if you come to the Hyoseok Festival, you can actually see the scene in the novel.


I'll invite you to a fantastic world full of white flowers.








Cheorwon DMZ P.O.P Concert

O. O. Oppa Gangnam Style!

The world star Psy is coming to the DMZ Pop Concert!

Don't miss this opportunity

There are other famous singers such Sunny Hill & BADA


We also visit the Cosmos(Korea Autumm Flower) Festival!

Imagine a&...